PxCad ToolBox - Productivity Tools for AutoCAD

PxCad ToolBox

This is the first release of PxCad Toolbox - the tools that can increase your productivity & make your job easier while using AutoCAD on day to day bases. There are more than 100 commands in this release comprising of wire frame modelling tools, tools for layout work and drawing presentation.

The commands can be accessed quickly via a keyboard command or from the PxCad ToolBox pull down menu. The pull down menu is broken up into 5 sections Tools Draw Modify Ucs+Zoom and Views.

A help manual is included with PxCad ToolBox. The manual is also available online so you can browse through the commands to see the value of PxCad ToolBox.

One command you will find indispensable after using it a few times is the Hide Object command. This command can be accessed by entering HO via the keyboard or by selecting it from the Tools section of the pull down menu.

  • It will hide unnecessary objects from view making it easier to see what you are doing in a busy drawing or model.
  • It doesn't alter the layer state of the objects selected but removes them from the display so any other objects on the same layer remain visible.
  • It is easy to restore the hidden objects just enter the command UH via the keyboard or select it from the Tools section of the pull down menu. You can restore all hidden objects in one go or select what objects you would like to restore.

There are many more useful commands in this package if you would like to review the available commands have a look through the online manual under the Products section.

If you would like to just jump in and give it a try you can download a fully functional 14 day trial version.

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